Wednesday, April 15, 2009



If there is a word to adopt that describes me it’s “aquabib”
On average I drink about 80-100 oz. of water per day.
That’s about 12, 8 oz. cups of water per day.

But I don’t drink water by the juice glass
I drink it by the waterbottle – the 24 oz. Camelbak waterbottle I keep at work - to be exact
And then by the 30 oz. cup I love at home. I have three of them actually
A pink one, a green one and a blue one. They’re the perfect size. Filled with a tray’s worth of ice cubes and then an ocean’s worth of water.

I would describe myself as an aquabib for sure.
I carry water with me everywhere…every car ride, every night to bed, every meeting I go to…
I believe that great multitudes of water drunken daily flushes all the toxins and germs out of my system
So when Curtis complains about any sickness, whether it be a sore throat, sinus pain or stomach ache, my first response is always –
You need to drink more water.

On the weekends we spend a lot of time at coffee shops, as my husband is still in school and needs weekends to study.
I tag along, not wanting to give up our rare days together even though school gets in the way. I bring a book, some knitting, my journal and keep myself busy while he studies.
But all that starbucks hopping can get expensive.
So now, unless I’m craving an iced decalf or a chai, I’ve started ordering water. Not in a buy a $2 bottle of water kind of way – but a “Can I have a glass of ice water please?” sort of free way.
Yeah I’m cheap – so what?!

I love water – tap water, spring water, even well water (from the rains of east Africa)
With ice, lots and lots of ice
(that was one of the things I missed most when living in Africa – ice and cold drinks)
Hold the lemon – but give me lime or cucumber or orange slices.
And when I need a little fizz – hold the soda and give me seltzer.

Hmmmm, I’m thirsty….

So my advice if you’re sleepy or sick or hungry past dinnertime…
Drink more water!


Quiet Oasis said...

holy crap. that's a LOT of water. I'm aiming for 2- 10oz glasses a day. And I typically fail at that!!! You've inspired me. I just like so many other drinks much better..... ugh.

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