Thursday, April 30, 2009


{by alanakdavis}

i saw this image and it just put me in a good mood.
the kind of mood that makes me want to mix a mojito and go lay in the grass.
unfortunately the weekend is supposed to be wet and rainy...
so a reinactment might have to wait until june...

{via bliss}

i am smitten...

{katie madeline}

{via design is mine}

it was cloudy and damp all day today.
a dreary thursday.
this image kind of sums up the way i felt today...
pensive, cool, dark...

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I came across this word today and the mere look of it made me happy.
It’s such a splendid word.
Who doesn’t like a good feast?

It conjures images of great kings, goblets and human-sized chicken legs,
Wine dripping from lips, and laughter.

I’ve read numerous books over the course of the last year – with stories set in the era of nobility. for a while i was quite obsessed with the queens and kings of England.
Of the Henry’s and Georges. The Elizabethan era I think it may be called.
{I should know this, I was, after all, an English Lit major}

And boy, did they love their feasts.

{Feast} definition:
Banquet; a ceremonial dinner party for many people.

I think this summer I want to host a {feast}.

Not a dinner party.
Not a potluck…
A full blown {Feast}.

complete with goblets and big rings.
mingling and music.
wine and plenty of feasting.

It’s going to be amazing…


A {Feast} for palette,
and for soul.


Let the planning begin

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

landscaping weekend in review

We bought our house almost exactly two years ago.

And let me first start off by saying that we haven’t exactly been lazy when it comes to our house over the past two years.

And although the first summer was by far the most difficult in terms of projects and remodeling, we have not waned in our desire to complete the projects on our master-house-to-do-list.

The first summer was all about packing and unpacking, painting each room (my jobs) and tearing out and remodeling the kitchen and the bathroom, re-doing the driveway (his job), putting on a new roof (roofer’s job) and the list could go on and on…

By our first winter we were burned out and took some time to lay low, decorate, unpack and turn our house into a home.

By summer number two “we” decided (against my will) to power wash, scrape, prep, prime and paint the outside of the house ourselves.

I was promised that when the house was done, it would be my turn to start the landscaping…

Needless to say, the house took longer than expected and we ended up hiring out to spray the final coat…in September…

So my dreams of a garden were put on hold another year.

Our front yard lay bare throughout another winter, so when April rolled around this year we set out to plan our landscaping.

It started with graph paper, where each of us drew our rendition of the front of our house, with our landscaping plans…

They hung on the fridge like kindergarten fingerpaintings for days before we actually set to work.

Last Thursday we got a truckload of dirt dumped onto our driveway – 2,000 pounds to be exact, along with two dwarf Alberta spruce trees that I saw and fell in love with at the garden center near our house.

Friday Curtis took a vacation day to start moving it, creating beds and filling holes in order to appease my antsiness for a full day of planting on Saturday.

Saturday we woke up and made an efficient and quiet pleasant trip (despite a traffic ticket on the way home) to another garden center where we found everything we were looking for, before heading home on a mission to dig holes and plant bushes and trees.

My mom, a gardening-lover, me us at our house and the three of us set to work (with the sporadic help of my delegator-father) solidifying our layout and planting six winter boxwoods, three rhododendron and one red sunset maple tree.

We planted grass seed, built up the beds, watered and stood back to appreciate our handiwork – all while praying that our thumbs turn green before anything dies.

So now we wait.

We wait and water and hope that grass grows and the tree blooms and we can find some cute little summer flowers to line the front of each bed.

It’s a good feeling to come home from work, to drive up the driveway and see our house, complete with fresh paint, roof, shutters, gutters and now fresh landscaping.

Aahhhh…home sweet home!

"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart." -William Wordsworth

"Poetry is life distilled."

-Gwendolyn Brooks

Monday, April 27, 2009

that about says it tonight -
more later this week as i showcase the before and after of our landscaping project from this weekend

Friday, April 24, 2009

doesn't this just make you want to make a canon ball and splash into a swimming pool?

it's almost 80 degrees outside today...and i'm just itching to share in the sunny splendor.

happy weekend to all...

i will be spending mine with hands in dirt,

planting my garden...

photos to come.

{found here}

sarah gardner

today I came across sarah gardner on {flickr}.
not sure how I even found her…
wait, that’s not true…
I saw one of her pieces on a blog I follow.

they remind me of a fairy tale
a little bit of whimsy and a whole lot of charm.

I like them
a lot.

stuff like this inspires me in small ways.

buzz like a bee

I was an anthro girl…

So I was "buzzing" with glee when I saw these photographs at {blackeiffel}

so they always do - their style always inspires me to take one step further in my creative endeavors...

today this inspires me to run barefoot outside and burn my shoulders and drink iced tea

See more {here}


My beautiful friend Nere recently launched her very own bridal line.
Unfortunately this old-married is not in the market for a gorgeous wedding gown,
But if I was, I know right where I would go…


Saturday, April 18, 2009

half-way through, book review

I'm reading “the red tent” with a weight on my shoulders-
Like a weighted blanked – both heavy and comforting.
Knowing that the weight of child-bearing was familiar even to women of old.
Of the past.
From Sarah and Rachel of the old testament to queens of England,
To my aunts and girlfriends,
to myself.

There are those that find themselves with child easily
No weight of ever longing on their shoulders.
They create easily and without worry.
Can count the days and weeks and find it a carefree process.

Then there was Rachel. Who watched Leah and her other sisters
Give birth over and over until oneday she gave birth to joseph
Long-awaited, longed for...she knew long-suffering
Over many years.
But the lord heard her cry and granted her a son.

This book does not tell my story, not even close,
but it shares a desire to join the long line of women back through generations -
my mother, my grandmother -
to Rachel -
to Eve.

births and new beginnings

Yesterday we welcomed into the world a new addition to our family –
Well, not MY family, per se, but our {extended} family – which is MY family…
An idea that I am starting to treasure more and more.
Caitlin Anne was born to my brother- and sister-in-law at a little after noon on Thursday, April 16th.
She weighed in small at 6lbs. 12oz. and only 18 inches long.

As I held her for the first time that night – it struck me… this is my neice. I am her aunt. We are family.
And we are all slowly but surely creating a family made up of more than sisters and brothers, and mothers and fathers,
but soon {although we don’t know how soon}
we will enjoy the company of more than just one baby at our cook-outs and holiday parties and birthday dinners.
This is our family, and its growing, and I kind of like it…

I woke up early the next morning, laying in bed, eyes still closed, thinking of new beginnings,
Spring is a wonderful time for babies and births of all kinds…

Births in hearts and lives and homes
Of all things new.

It’s an understatement to say that I hope our time is soon.
But for now, we celebrate new life and new beginnings with those in our lives that are closest to us…

Welcome to the world baby C.

Welcome to this crazy, amazing world.

"ideas are like stars"

i guess i'm stuck on the {star} theme today -
i found this here:

and thought it was sweet.

now i'm wishing it was a summer night
laying on a blanket in the backyard
staring at the sky.

love poem

Love Poem

By Plato

My child - Star - you gaze at the stars,
and I wish that I were the firmament
that I might watch you with many eyes.

It was the moment I read this poem, years ago, that i
fell in love with poetry.

I haven’t thought about this poem for a long time…
But a few days ago, as I was looking for an old book on my bookshelf
A scrap of paper was sticking out of another book.
I pulled it out and on it, in my most curly teenage handwriting was scribbled this poem.

Plato’s love poem.

I didn’t even have to read the words,
I’ve known it by heart for more than ten years.

It’s simple.

And it brings me back to a time, when I fell in love.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

when i knew...

Most days I listen to NPR while I work.

Either that or I put my ear buds in my ears with no radio or music playing, to look like I am, just so I won’t be bothered while I’m writing away.

While listening to NPR today, a writer was being interviewed by Neil Cohen and they were asking callers to call in to tell of the moment that they knew they wanted to be a writer.

I could’ve called in.
I know my story.

I remember the day in highschool, my sophomore year, to be exact.
I had torn my ACL, and after having surgery I was ordered to skip gym class for the rest of the year,
so instead, I would make my way to the library to share study hall with the ninth graders.

I would sit in the back, at a desk hidden by a large computer and I would
scribble poems in the back of my notebook.

Daily this became a habit and throughout the day I would eagerly wait for eighth period, where I could write.
No one knew I was a blooming poet – that would’ve been embarrassing, as an athlete – a "popular" kid.
So when the bell rang after study hall every afternoon, I would tear the sheets of miserable poetry out of my notebook, fold them as small as they would fold, and stick them in my pocket, to later transcribe into the poetry journal I began to keep that year. I wanted to take away the chance that a friend would snag my notebook and see my scribbling.

I kept a poetry journal for many years…
Through high school, through traveling through England and Tanzania, through the beginnings of college…
I kept a poetry journal until I changed my major from early childhood education to creative writing.
A brave move – one that I am yet to regret.
It was then that I started to take my writing seriously.
I graduated from journals to a mac.
And microsoft word became my electronic journal.

I still write with pen and paper before saving on my laptop.
I find that inspiration flows through ink far easier than the click click click of keys.

But I write.
I still write.

And that was when I knew.



If there is a word to adopt that describes me it’s “aquabib”
On average I drink about 80-100 oz. of water per day.
That’s about 12, 8 oz. cups of water per day.

But I don’t drink water by the juice glass
I drink it by the waterbottle – the 24 oz. Camelbak waterbottle I keep at work - to be exact
And then by the 30 oz. cup I love at home. I have three of them actually
A pink one, a green one and a blue one. They’re the perfect size. Filled with a tray’s worth of ice cubes and then an ocean’s worth of water.

I would describe myself as an aquabib for sure.
I carry water with me everywhere…every car ride, every night to bed, every meeting I go to…
I believe that great multitudes of water drunken daily flushes all the toxins and germs out of my system
So when Curtis complains about any sickness, whether it be a sore throat, sinus pain or stomach ache, my first response is always –
You need to drink more water.

On the weekends we spend a lot of time at coffee shops, as my husband is still in school and needs weekends to study.
I tag along, not wanting to give up our rare days together even though school gets in the way. I bring a book, some knitting, my journal and keep myself busy while he studies.
But all that starbucks hopping can get expensive.
So now, unless I’m craving an iced decalf or a chai, I’ve started ordering water. Not in a buy a $2 bottle of water kind of way – but a “Can I have a glass of ice water please?” sort of free way.
Yeah I’m cheap – so what?!

I love water – tap water, spring water, even well water (from the rains of east Africa)
With ice, lots and lots of ice
(that was one of the things I missed most when living in Africa – ice and cold drinks)
Hold the lemon – but give me lime or cucumber or orange slices.
And when I need a little fizz – hold the soda and give me seltzer.

Hmmmm, I’m thirsty….

So my advice if you’re sleepy or sick or hungry past dinnertime…
Drink more water!

another month

{1,000 words}

click it.

you will not want to miss this one…

choked me up.

So good.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"I live my life in widening rings which spread over earth and sky." Rainer Maria Rilke


It worked!
now i bid you adieu.

Melody of You:

you're a painting with symbols deep, symphony
soft as it shifts from dark beneath
a poem that flows, caressing my skin
in all of these things you reside and I
want you flow from the pen, bow and brush
with paper and string, and canvas tight
with ink in the air, to dust your light?
from morning to the black of night

this is my call I belong to You
this is my call to sing the melodies of You
this is my call I can do nothing else
I can do nothing else

you're the scent of an unfound bloom
a simple tune
I only write variations to sooth the mood
a drink that will knock me down to the floor
a key that will unlock the door
where I hear a voice sing familiar themes
then beckons me weave notes in between
a tap and a string, a bow and a glass
you pour me till the day has passed....

-Sixpence None the Richer

my last post {the song lyrics} were sent via email straight to my blog...
"i love technology" {sung in a napoleon dynamite-type voice}
this opens up a whole new world of blog-abilities...
next...i will try to blog via text...
wait for it...
wait for it...

today...tomorrow...someday soon

today I will…

…slow down long enough to enjoy the little things

…quiet down and listen

…eliminate the background noise, turn off the t.v. and enjoy the sound of nothing

…make the evening last a little longer and let tomorrow morning linger

…read until my eyes get tired

tomorrow I will…

…not check my email before I get out of bed

…eat a real breakfast in the kitchen instead of dry cereal out of a plastic bag in my car

…limit the amount of time I spend on my phone

…cook dinner even though it’s just for me

…look on the bright side and give people the benefit of the doubt

…write a letter

someday soon I will…

…plant my herbs

…finish psalms

…finish that sock

one step forward, one step back

the first half of april was like a whirlwind…
we are in a transitional phase in many aspects…
figuring out next steps, making sense of last steps…
life is one big staircase thesedays, it seems.

We have been very busy…at work, at home, with life in general.
With wisdom teeth removal and easter and house appraisals and just stuff that pops up last minute,
there’s been a lot going on lately…
Seems there’s little rest for the weary
When all I want to do is bring a big stack of books down on the couch with me
And read all day long,
Then write for another day,
Then sleep for another,
Then make something pretty.
It would take about a week…I think,
To simmer down and learn to breathe slowly again.

But I’ll settle for tonight.
The mr. will be at class and I’ll have the house to myself.
And I’m not going to clean, or cook or pay bills or do laundry
{I did all that stuff last night}

I’m going to put sweats on and read until my eyes hurt
Then read a little more to the light of my neglected book light.

On my reading list tonight:
The Red Tent – Anita Diamant {which i am loving}
Herself – Madeleine L’Engle
Psalms – David
Walking on Water - Madeleine L'Engle
lots and lots of blogs

have a good night all - i know i will

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

pretty as a picture

this just makes me happy!
who knew knobs could be so beautiful.

i saw this image {here} and immediately started drooling.
i worked at anthropologie for over three years, and although i complained and moaned and nursed sore feet and on a daily basis,
i really did love that store.

you walk in and are taken breathless by the decor, the surroundings, the vignettes as they call them -
the rooms that tell a story, of women and mystery and delights.
inspiration used to flood through me from the moment my shift would start.
maybe even before.
from the way i dressed {much riskier, funkier, more romantic}
to the wonderfully creative women that i worked with.

i remember showing up to a shift oneday, only to be told that i would be sorting knobs and
switching out the birdseed that they had been placed on, to live moss brought in just to lay them on.
so i spent the afternoon, on the floor, scooping out birdseed and swapping it for the soft green ground covering.
some would have loathed this task, but i didn't mind.
i liked getting to the chance to hold each knob in my hands...from the turquoise to the stone, thinking to myself oneday, oneday these would grace all of my doors.

you know, i never bought a single knob from anthropologie. and that's okay.

that store had flavor, that's for sure.
and although i couldn't afford much - on a college girl's salary -
the pieces i do own hold special meaning.
from the skirts to the journals and everything in between -

i think now i'm far enough from that time in my life to say -
i miss that place.

orla love

there’s this one purse that Anthropologie used to sell and I have lusted over it ever since.
It was the pattern I think – the sideways tear drop/colorful retro leaf motif –
and the colors, not quite primary – but dirtier, deeper.

{Orla Kiely}

and I had forgotten about it, until I saw that she had come out with a home line for Target

then I was at the checkout and the woman behind me was carrying THE PURSE – my Orla Kiely purse.
and now I am infatuated all over again.
not because I want the purse so bad, but because I love her prints, and patterns and the whimsy and humor that I find in most of her work.
…because even if I had an extra $175 lying around – you know and I know I wouldn’t drop it on a purse…
but I would make a Target run and no doubt leave with a cartful of goodness just for me – that may, or may not include a few Orla Kiely dishes, or teatowels.

{photos via iloveorla&apartment therapy:ny}

spring is here
easter is on its way...
this is a time to reflect and
start fresh

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

note: this is not a scrapbook

i am not a scrapbooker. that's just not me.
but the creative juices have been flowing lately,
and i finally got our old kodak photo printer working and was inspired.
something different - organic and fun.
with scraps and photos and quotes and poems...
we'll see how it turns out - but for now, here's a sneak peak of the start of it.

if you want to write, write

i found this poster {here}and had to read it twice.
nothing i didn't already know - but good reminders for a lazy writer like me.

this week i've had a burst of creativity and the juices are flowing {although i still haven't felt motivated to finish sock #1}
more to come, but i have started my first ever inspiration binder and have begun another project that will be as close to scrapbooking as i will ever get {picture to come soon}.

now i'm off to write...about defrosting french onion soup from the freezer, and folding laundry, and migraine mornings and snow in april.

Monday, April 6, 2009

i *heart* owls

ever since i worked for anthropologie, i've had a special place in my heart for all things owl.
from the owl saki set they used to sell to one of my favorite christmas ornaments i've ever purchased,
i'll just say it, i have a thing for owls.

well, tonight my love affair continues as i found an etsy seller who shares my passion for the owl.
her name is Linda Solovic and you can find her etsy shop {here}...but i also wanted to share a couple of my favorites...

oh the owl love

looking forward too...

It's snowing tonight and i'm frustrated.
what a tease it was - day after day of sunshine and warmer weather...
but colder temps one more time where inevitable - i've lived in cleveland long enough to know this.
here are the things i'm looking forward to tonight, as i'm curled on the couch in sweats and a cold nose...

The sound of ice clinking in a glass

Freckles on my nose and cheeks

Margaritas on the patio

Sleeping soundly to the breeze coming in through an open window

Sundays at the pool

Feet with tan lines

Falling asleep with wet hair that soaks the pillowcase and keeps me cool throughout the night

Crickets beckoning the sun to go down


i love this photo - the simplicy of lauren hutton's style -
the wardrobe staples that i have always loved with a killer jcrew silk-ribbon-gold-chain-necklaceand spicy silver shoes...i'm a sucker for a fabulous pair of shoes.
my new faves are my lucky find at urban outfitters a couple of weeks ago for a mere $9. i'm think i'm in love.

i'm a style girl for sure...and hopefully i have more icon in me that victim.

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