Thursday, March 5, 2009

week in rewind

Lately I feel like I’ve been quite the heavy in my blogging.
Yet, when it comes to reading other people’s blogs – I love reading the ones that catch me up on my friend’s days – or weeks – or months, as could be the case for me.
We’ve had a lot going on lately, so I wont try to summarize…
But I will tell you about my week, but first I must go back ---

It all started when we bought our house almost two years ago (has it been that long already?!)
It was a foreclosed-on-fixer-upper to say the least.
That first summer was the longest summer of my life.
Still living in our 2nd floor rental, we spent every spare moment at the house. Gutting it, then building it back up.
Sanding floors, painting walls, scrubbing, packing, tiling…it was both a nightmare and a pleasure.

We moved in not long after, with a shower yet to be finished and a kitchen half done.
We’d come home from work and grill out in the backyard, eat on paper plates and drive to my parents to shower before bed.
It wasn’t ideal, it wasn’t really fun, and many evenings were spent stressing over money…
But it was our life – the life we chose and we were anxiously awaiting the day where we could come home from work and relax.
Not paint or unpack or fix things…

Eventually we burnt ourselves out and took a few months off. Guiltily we spent nights doing nothing – watching t.v., out with friends we’d abandoned for our house – and winter turned to summer and we started up again…Curtis on the daunting task that was scraping and painting the outside of our house – and me, inside the hot house, painting trim.

Long story short – Curtis worked long and hard and on top of a rigorous school schedule, we decided for sake of time and sanity, we’d hire a professional for the final coat…

Then summer turned to fall and fall turned to winter - which brings us to this weekend – just a mere two weeks before spring returns.
The appraiser called to schedule our appointment. We’ve been wanting to reappraise our house, to see how all the hard work we’ve put into our house has payed off and because finance rates are dropping so low – it just seems like the right time. So, he called on Saturday at 3 saying he could come as early as Sunday at 3.

We make the appointment. We hang up the phone. We freak out.
There are a million little things that we have yet to do.
Fix a socket, fill holes from old blinds, paint trims, deal with the entryhall, get rid of clutter, and clean.

So we spiral into two simultaneous tornados and work and sweat and work some more. Exhausted we drop into bed on Saturday night at 1 am.
Sunday there’s more work to be done and then the time comes…and I leave with the dog so that this man has nothing to distract or annoy him.

We leave and he shows up. Then leaves. Then nothing.
We don’t know anything, still don’t. the stone faced man may be sitting, calculating our little house at this very moment.
Dimensions, upgrades and surely the coat of greige paint I threw up on the entray hall walls mere hours before he was to arrive.

So now we wait. And wait and wait. Hoping to hear something by the end of the week.


~ABEsGIRL~ said...

it seems to me that all the things we are stressed to do at the time end up being the most treasured memories!

i love your writing! you have such a way with words.
i will be the first in line to buy you book someday!

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