Wednesday, March 18, 2009

labor of love

Today started off badly.

we woke up to a fight and I hurried off to work just to get out of the house…just to get away from the tension of words that came out hastily, in sleepiness and anger.

But as the hours passed – we’ve moved on and now I’m looking forward to getting home –
The home we share – and enjoying another sunny evening…grilling out, playing with the dog and doing some reading…

He’s off the next few days - and although I am jealous for sure, I’m glad that he is able to get some stuff done without me in his way -His biggest distraction.

Projects. He loves projects.
He wanted me to give him a list of projects for his days off…
a far cry from my rare days off alone, when all I want to do is lay around in my sweats, watch crap TV and take a nap.

Here’s what I came up with:
· Re-screen sun porch
· Hang shutters when they are delivered on Friday
· Clean as much of the house as you want to
· Finish local taxes
· Take me to lunch at least on one of your free days
· Love me

The last two are the most important to me by far…but he wanted stuff to do – so by golly, that’s what I gave him.
Now we’ll just have to see how much he can accomplish by next Monday.

Thanks for all your hard work – a true labor of love.


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