Wednesday, March 25, 2009

cold feet

That’s always how it happens. For me at least.
The weather warms and the socks are the first thing to go.
the way the ground has barely thawed and i'm out, walking to my car in bare legs and peep toes.

But first rewind to mid-winter – when I'm convinced by my knitting-guru-mother that I am more than ready and more than capable of knitting my first pair of socks.
She buys me the yarn, lends me an extra needle, because you need five, not four, I was quick to learn, and copies me the pattern and sends me on my way.
Alone and timid in this new world of heels and toes and ankles.

That was in December. Maybe even as early as November.
I was not ready, but jumped in with gusto… ready to sport my new striped numbers with pride…
Until I froze, realizing how much easier and less frustrating it was to purchase a pair of socks.
So I stopped – at the toe. THE TOE!

And now it’s spring, and I’m so close to being done with sock number one, it’s disturbing.
It would probably only take me one more night to finish; yet it sits there, under my desk in a tote – neglected,
Because the thought of starting sock number two is just too much.
This sock just might turn into the world’s cutest sock puppet when I’m done with it.
i wish i had more follow-through.


Rachel said...

hee, hee. Nice work with those. You know toe-less booties are all the rage this spring. So, perhaps you are ahead of the curve with your toe-less socks.

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