Tuesday, January 13, 2009

saturday snow day

For those that know me, you know how much I loathe the winter.
the way my house is never above a balmy 62 degrees,
the way the sheets are like ice when I crawl into bed,
the way the dog never does her business quickly because she loves to play in the snow first.
I hate winter.
I hate the weather,
The way it’s dark when I leave for work and dark on my drive home –
But Saturday might have changed all that…

We woke up Saturday to a foot of snow blanketing our neighborhood.
Curtis was in heaven as he snow-blowed our driveway, and came inside pink-cheeked and excited.
He wanted to go on a walk with me and the dog around the neighborhood before the plows and salt got to it –
Turning the white streets into brown sludge.
I resentfully agreed – only because I could see on his face how excited he was.
He let me borrow a pair of his snowpants, while I wrapped myself in scarves and hats and gloves and a down jacket that falls to my knees. I was a sight, but was determined that if I was to embark on this frigid adventure, I was going to stay dry and as warm as possible.

I decided to bring my camera, despite one hand freezing the whole time. But it was worth it. The streets were like an abandoned fairy tale on ice and everything was white. We stayed warm as we watched Mea jump in snow well over her little head over and over, coming out like one big furry snowflake.

The walk ended back on our street with me in our front yard making snow angels. By then I was already soggy and freezing, so I said, what the heck and fell backwards to live out my childhood all over again…becoming the biggest snow angel known to man…complete with a little snow demon as the cherry on top.

It was a good morning, and as we warmed up and defrosted inside with coffee and hot showers, I decided winter isn’t so bad after all.


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Sounds so lovely! Not a flake of snow here in Marrakech:-(

Another Shade of Grey said...

Very nice of you to go along with him. That's love. :)

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