Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year: now it's time to get busy


Earlier this week I read {this post} by Elsie at {A Beautiful Mess}. In it she said that this year she wasn't going to post her list of resolutions on January 1st; instead she would post each one individually, as she completed them. I like that idea and I think I will follow suit.

I spent some time this week creating my list of resolutions and goals and to do's for the year. Unlike Elsie, i typed mine into an email to myself to keep in my inbox until December. I thought about sharing it with you, but some are a little personal and some only I can hold myself accountable for - so instead, i will show you my framed January print from my 2009 {Orange Beautiful calendar}. Right now it's sitting on my windowsill above my sink. It makes me happy and I plan on swapping it out for the next month's print on the first day of each month.

Happy New Year friends!


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