Wednesday, December 3, 2008

deck the halls

I have put away everything “autumn” to much sadness
decked our halls with festive cheer
decorated our tree
and finally gotten excited about the end of fall and the beginning of the holidays
I have listened to wintersong,
Made potato-bacon soup
and brought some to work for friends
I have finished knitting a pair of fingerless gloves
Continue to crochet the never-ending blanket
And keep putting off finishing my 2009 calendars
I have cleaned my whole house,
Nearly finished my Christmas shopping
Wrapped the gifts I have already bought
Payed the bills due this week
Finshed the book “My Life in France” by Julia Child
Then started “The Wise Woman” by Phillipa Gregory
Started the month by reading Morning & Evening daily
Have stuck to our Christmas budget
While still downsizing our normal budget
Have made numerous to do lists
And continue to cross things off…

This has been a very productive month so far!


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