Monday, November 3, 2008

a mingled yarn

“The web of our life is of a mingled yarn” – William Shakespeare

Last weekend we had the pleasure of seeing Shakespeare’s Macbeth downtown at the Cleveland Playhouse with good friends.
Although much was lost in translation, the visuals were like eye candy and the newly remodled Hanna Theatre was a site to be savoured.
It was nice to get out and do something a little different on a Friday night, other than our usual leftovers and crashing on the couch after another neverending work week.
We got semi-dressed up and pretended we were part of the affluent Cleveland society that sees plays on a regular basis.
Although part of that was lost as we bickered over $5 parking as opposed to walking in the rain, where we could’ve parked for quarters.
We didn’t sip wine at intermission, and instead of dinner out afterwards, we grabbed coffee and talked until the starbuck’s closed.
It was a charming evening, and although we don’t live like royalty, we felt like it as we crawled into bed only $11 poorer than when the evening began.


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