Saturday, October 11, 2008

an apple a day

Last week I spent the entire week looking forward to Saturday.
It was to be our apple picking day and I was squirmish with excitement
Last year we tried to go and the trees were already bare…
We had to resort to buying Patterson apples, in convenient little plastic bags,
instead of picking the goodness ourselves.
So this year we went when the weather was still warm.
I dressed up for the occasion.
Jeans tucked into boots, and a cozy scarf that made my neck sweat a bit in the sun of the orchards.

But it was glorious.
At 89 cents a pound, we stocked up on johnathans and golden delicious
11 dollars later and laden with almost 13 pounds of apples,
we dropped the apples off at the car and headed on a walk around the old golf course that is now part of the farm.
The weather was delicious and so was the apple I stole picked from a tempting little batch of trees, hidden on the course.

After our walk, we headed into the bakery and little shop where we splurged on apple fritters and cider.
It was heavenly. The smells, the taste of doughy apple-y goodness,
the relaxing drive home, through tree-lined lanes back into the city.
This weekend we have no big plans, no trips to apple farms, no outfits planned for special occasions,
Maybe just a date with my kitchen to make some homemade applesauce.

Happy Fall, friends!


Justin said...

I hope you can freeze apples.

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