Tuesday, September 30, 2008

::a week of wishing::

This week i hope to …

::welcome larry the painter over, to finally come and final coat our house and make it white and pretty. (rain rain, please go away)
::enjoy some free labor from joe the drywaller, who’s coming to fix the stucco part on the front of our house.
::go apple picking, buy a pumpkin, and maybe some yummy fall treats...an apple fritter perhaps
::make something sweet, cinnamon-y and apple-y
::have a double date with our favorite pastor and his wife
::have a little time to relax together and enjoy my favorite season with my favorite boy
::maybe sneak on a pair of knee high boots if the weather stays cool like it is now
::Ooooh, and maybe wear a scarf, or a hat, or a puffer vest…the possibilities are endless!

What do you hope to do this week???


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