Wednesday, September 24, 2008

sweaters & scarves {and everything else}

i have my sweaters out and organized, along with the rest of my {closet/office}
and a drawer full of tights all ready for colder weather...and a collection scarves hanging in the closet.
this past month has been spent going through all of my clothes. I have come to the conclusion that i hoard too much and i must purge and give away. to date i have bagged up four garbage bags of clothes to give are another story.

today I’m wearing a short-sleeve sweater over a tanktop with jeans,
it’s 75+ degrees outside and I’m pretending it’s a chilly fall day as I sit in the air-conditioning indoors.
wearing wedges instead of the boots I so badly want to pull over wool socks.
New slippers are waiting bedside my bed for a night that’s too cold to go barefoot

Not yet, but hopefully soon.


Chantico said...

Hey Jess! I've found your blog through a Facebook status update by Curtis...may I become a reader? I've loved browsing this evening, and I really miss you, after hearing your voice in your writing! I'd love to catch up here-maybe send you to my blog, after it gets its facelift. :)

Much love and blessings on you-AND your hub.


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