Thursday, September 18, 2008

picnic in the ::park:: {backyard}

Tonight the weather was glorious.
Warm and cool mingled together.
It was still yet breezy.
Summer hasn’t ended, but fall is surely in the air.

We lay a blanket and have a picnic.
Dine on a feast of spinach and feta chicken sausages
Spinach salad with
Cherry tomatoes and
Ripe peaches
grilled zucchini

We toast to health and the season’s change
We toast not to wealth,
For it matter’s little,
We only hope for just enough
Enough for what autumn may bring

we are lucky tonight, under stars barely escaping sun and clouds.
We are lucky and together.


Rachel said...

I love this post. You guys are so amazing.

jenni hodous said...

this post was so cute. i got choked up. (i'm pms'ing though so take that however you'd like . love ya

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