Thursday, September 4, 2008

me, a minimalist?

if you know me you know i like stuff.
somewhat of a packrat, i love collections of things (not trinkets, persay) but more like assortments, variety, choices...
i hoard books, love stationery, pens, journals, shoes and purses...
in an effort to simply, i spent last night purging my office of clutter.
three hours and four garbage bags later, my little green office was happily lighter.

today i decided that another blog revamp was in order...and i found just the template to stick with my fresh and minimalistic mood. bright and simple, it's less "fall-y" and more looking towards winter...
a simple backdrop to my often not-so-simple ramblings.

so now i go, back to my office for night number two of my version of spring cleaning...but i like preparing for fall so much better, so i would rather do it now.

here's to autumn organization, simplicity and my every attempt at becoming a minimalist.


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