Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i heart hearting fall

As much as I love the summer with her suntans and painted toenails and margaritas – I love fall more.
As my skin starts to fade and we spend less and less time outdoors, I am still happy. Maybe even happier.

I start wearing sweaters even when the temperature outside is still in the 70’s –
I start baking banana bread even though with the oven on, I’m sweating profusely in my cozy kitchen –
I start pulling out my knee-high leather boots, even though it’s really still shorts weather –
And I start putting out the small amount of autumn items I have accumulated, and placing them sparsely around my house.

And I don’t care that I’m still sleeping with bare feet at night –
And I don’t care that the grill is still positioned on the side of the house –
And I don’t care that my nose is still freckled from the sun–
I’m ready, so ready…

-To take air conditioners out of windows,
-To turn the heat on,
-To swap Bermuda shorts and wife-beaters for scarves and slippers.

Leaves lay on our lawn, and I’m antsy to rake -
To throw leaves at the dog and watch her run,
To sip white hot chocolate in the evenings in my sweats,
To start new indoor projects and start nesting for the long winter that lies ahead.


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