Tuesday, September 9, 2008


a typical morning for me consists of rolling over and hitting my alarm off at 6:30 am and sleeping until Curtis “lovingly” wakes me up at about 6:50 am// i usually ask him to “make the bed with me in it”... this is my favorite part of the morning, or maybe it’s just another way to get to stay all drowsy and warm for two more minutes// half the time he does it, the other half he’s running late and I begrudgingly roll out of bed, plant cold feet on cold wooden floors and make my way to the bathroom to attempt waking life// after brushing and dressing I sit on my bed, a small towel spread out in front of me with my makeup on it (so I don’t ruin the quilt with a dropped mascara wand or lipstick…yes, I’ve learned the hard way!)// and while I “put on my face” I watch the first ten minutes or so of the today show//

well, this morning I saw a story about the Nielson family.

young couple// young mother writes a popular parenting blog// about her four beautiful children and their life together// there was a plane crash// their bodies are 30 & 80% burned but they made it out alive// both parents are in critical condition and fully sedated// the family has surrounded them// have taken the children in as their own// sister has continued her sister’s blog and has started a blog of her own// nieniedialogues.blogspot.com// blog.cjanerun.com// a true testimony to the love of a family// to the support that can come from strangers// to the power of prayer// I was moved//

makes me want to hug curtis a little tighter// not complain so much about little inconveniences// find the silver lining to my many insignificant storm clouds//

just wanted to share//



Kate said...

I've been following along with that family, too. It's amazing the way people have gathered around them but heartbreaking what they are going through.

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