Sunday, August 10, 2008

::running through my head::

The last week has been marked by the beginnings of a new season in our lives...the bloomings of new desires yet to be made flesh and of new motivation to get unfinished projects finally complete, in order to move on to new things...

This week i have also had a few songs running through my head::

Sam Cooke sang these words years ago, and they've been flooding my thoughts all week::
"It's been a long time coming// but i know// a change is gonna come."

Ingrid Michaelson::
"We are so fragile// our cracking bones make noise// we are all breakable// breakable// breakable girls and boys."

And a new artist i've just recently been introduced to, Adrianna - sings these words, that for some reason also have spoken to me this week::
"10,000 stones hanging deep in my heart// no i don't know// they don't tear me apart// how could i ever believe// that 10,000 stones could be the best part of me// that 10,000 stones could solve the fool in me// could be a strange blessing// could build the best in me."

that's it:: well, that's not it, but all for now. good night all.

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