Tuesday, July 15, 2008

::to-do lists::

i love making to-do lists...
there's nothing more gratifying to me that making a to-do list and checking things off of them...
the sense of accomplishment, the sense of productivity.
i keep numerous to-do lists in my life.
a couple at work, broken down by projects and timelines,
and a few at home - grocery lists, daily to-do lists, long-term lists, and the list of to-do lists goes on and on.
the one list i've never made however, is one of those, "things to do before i die" lists...that is, until today.
i was sitting at my desk at work, listening to NPR while working and they were doing a segment on using trains as a means of travel, and people were calling in, reminiscing about traveling by train, and it sounded so peaceful and adventurous, i thought of myself, whether alone or with someone, spending hours writing in a leatherbound journal - while town after town speed past out the window... so i wrote on a post-it note at my desk: take a train on a long trip somewhere...which got me thinking, what else have i always wanted to do, and thus my small list of a mere five things i hope to do long before i die...and i'm sure the list will keep on growing.

::1:: Take a train on a long trip somewhere.

::2:: Work & live in India.

::3:: Publish at least one book.

::4:: Start a business.

::5:: Learn how to letterpress.


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