Sunday, July 6, 2008

the fourth is not for the faint-hearted

our long weekend is wrapping up and as sad as i am to head back to work, i am partially relieved that the festivities are over.
it was a lovely holiday weekend, don't get me wrong - but there's something just not right about
hosting a bbq for 30 with a sinus infection and a fever... i was a mess, to say the least.
sneezing and coughing and just plain pooped, all before the day even started.
i was fighting this thing all last week and finally i broke down and went to the doctor, knowing exactly what i needed...
twenty minutes later, i left with a z-pack and an rx for some nighttime cough syrup.
but i'm a warrior and i pushed through, and though i felt on the verge of collapse, i grocery shopped cooked and cleaned for the party...and it was worth it, we had a great time, sipping beers in the backyard until it was time to head to the fireworks...which i barely made it to...but i did and was better for couldn't even hear my hacking over the crack and boom of the firecrackers.
i practically fell into bed that night and have slowly been recouping ever since...but there's no rest for the weary when it's summer, so we're back at it with full force and trying to enjoy every minute of the warm weather.


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