Wednesday, July 30, 2008

end-of-summer lovin'

i've had a rough couple of days, so i decided to focus on the positive, albeit somewhat shallow things in my life that i've been loving recently - and because i'm sapped of all energy today (both from the humidity and our most recent dilemas) this will occur in a short list form (becuase, as i've stated before, nothing makes me happier than lists!) :

::1:: Pandora: this is my new favorite site online. I just might never buy music create your own radio stations by typing in an artist or a song that you like, and this site creates a playlist for you full of that artist and other artists and songs that are in the same genre then can thumbs up or down each song, to tell them whether you want to hear more of that type, or skip someone altogether...its quite remarkable, and better yet, it also is able to be streamed onto my second summer fave...

::2:: my iPhone: i can listen to my pandora radio stations, dial a phone number on an old fashioned rotary dialer, read deuteronomy or update my facebook page, all from my most recent splurge...which has become more than a crackberry (for you blackberry users out there)...i have become both more efficient and less efficient all at the same time...and i love it!

::3::Phillipa Gregory: This summer has been marked by my growing affection for this author of England Tudor fiction. I never was one to like to read about this time period until starting with her now famous work, The Other Boleyn Girl. Well, from then i've been hooked and spend countless nights and lazy weekends balancing my time between her thick novels and my #4 of the summer...

::4:: Deuteronomy: I have been reading through the Old Testament for the past few months with a good friend, and i've just finished what is by far my favorite book of the OT. Deuteronomy has had a warm place in my heart since my travels abroad to Africa, where i read it and felt a deeply rooted connection to the Israelites. Their wandering, their inconsistencies, their heart to follow God wherever, but their constant failings. This time reading it i had the same reaction. It was more than the bible this time, it was the story of my heritage and i felt a brotherhood (well, sisterhood) with the chosen ones. Moses' wisdom and advice like a grandfather caring for his children, who only wants the best for them... i was deeply moved and inspired...

::5:: On a lighter note, i have been drinking pomegranate juice and seltzer water like i'm a camel in the desert...the drink of the summer for me is this, and as i sit here, i'm happily sippin' away.

::6:: Lastly, i try to stay abreast of many blogs throughout the week, but continually i always go back to this, the first one on my list, it's called PerfectBound and i am always cheered by her bright photos and sweet little posts.

So, there you have it, even in the midst of a crappy week, i found a few, albeit somewhat insignificant things to be thankful for.


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