Tuesday, June 17, 2008

two years and counting

two years ago today i became a mrs. and my life has never been the same.
i married the most patient, caring and emotionally present man i have ever met.
today he surprised me with roses and brought me out to lunch...we chatted over green and yellow curry - we were having such a good time, i didn't want our little lunch date to end.
some days it feels like we've been married thirty years, and other days i feel like it was a week ago and i'm just beginning to get the hang of this marriage thing. we have a lot of growing to do but the road ahead of us is bright and i am excited to walk this road with him. not everyone is lucky enough to marry their best friend- and today i am thankful and filled to the brim...


hubby said...

you are too much :-) i love you

Cale and Kate said...

from one lucky girl to another-
Happy Anniversary! We love you guys!

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