Sunday, June 22, 2008

summery summer

it's seldom that i feel relaxed and refreshed at the end of a weekend,
but it's sunday night and i'm curled up on the couch - it's been drizzling outside for hours so we're sitting together in sweats,
the chilly air blowing in, and we're watching a silly movie in the dark...and i'm drinking hot cocoa, pretending it's autumn.
i wait for summer all year long...and now, on the second full day of summer, i'm already looking forward to fall...
to boots and sweaters and leaves crackling underfoot, to pumpkin bread and homemade soups...
this weekend wasn't a weekend filled with thoughts of autumn though...
it was full of bbq's with friends late into the evening, cold beer sweating in glasses making wet rings on the table, reading at the swimming pool and lots of iced tea.
it was as summery a summer weekend can be and i enjoyed every minute...and already can't wait until next weekend comes around.


Rachel said...

This post is making me extra excited about the cookout today! Can't wait to spend a summer evening with you.

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