Wednesday, May 28, 2008

summer to me…

gin and tonic…lone tulips…shiny lipgloss…peach tea on ice…mojito-flavored bubble gum…the smell of paper…curve of my handwriting…tanned hands and feet…sand sticking to skin…lime squeezed in seltzer...sweet sweat smell on his skin…a stack of finished books…jean jackets in air conditioning…gold eyeshadow…5:00 pm…twinkling lights strung on sun porches…smell of wet grass…late night thunderstorms…stale morning breath…white peach margharitas enjoyed outside…making lists…crossing things off …big purses stuffed with forgotten surprises…linen pants…anything yellow…eating almonds in the car…grilled veggies…reading under cool sheets…chilly summer nights with the windows open…putting away the blowdryer, the smell of sunscreen…freckles…barefeet…painted toenails…long necklaces…sunkissed highlights…cocoa butter after a shower…writing thank you notes…getting mail…packages wrapped in brown paper…stationery…getting magazines in the mail…skirts and flipflops…sterling silver…chugging big glasses of ice water…watching the dog chase little flying helicopter seeds…lounge chairs and beach towels…bar-b-q’s…fizzy gingerale…snuggling underneath down comforters with the air conditioning turned on high…water noodles…seeing new emails in my inbox…handwriting letters, flipping the page of the calendar…fresh salads with fruit on top…the pop of cherry tomatoes in my mouth…the smell of the grill from the house…walking the dog together at dusk…smooth shaven legs…long emails to friends…reading strangers blogs…red onion on hamburgers…leaving work when the sun is shining…healthy days…wearing sunglasses on the top of my head…melted ice cream…eating outside…mini notebooks...long talks with close friends...iced coffee...journaling…laying in the grass...trying to forget that winter is on its way.

happy wednesday and happy summer!

Monday, May 26, 2008

birthday month extravaganza

it's been a while since i've been on here, but not for a lack of stuff to write about...its just been a month of crazy-busy back-to-back weeks...early may we were hard at work, getting ready to go on our first vacation since our honeymoon almost two years ago. neither of us has went anywhere since we started our we were both kind of nervous to take off for ten we worked overtime to prepare for our departure to sunny west palm beach on the 10th of may...
day one: at the cleveland airport at 5 am we learned that wed been bumped off of our flight due to overbooking and the flight they transferred us to got in too late to make our connecting flight, so about an hour and a panic attack later, the woman helping us found us new flights on a different airline, only putting us in florida a couple hours later than planned.
fast forward about 15 hours later, we are in florida, just had a nice dinner after our first afternoon at the pool and went grocery shopping on the way back to the condo...we get a flat tire. when we stop at the nearest gas station to fill it up, the whole tire bursts as curtis begins to fill it with air. needless to say, our first night in florida was spend sitting at a semi-shady gas station waiting for enterprises' AAA to come give us a doughnut so we could drive 35 miles an hour the next morning on the highway to go trade in our nice dodge charger for a gas guzzling mercury mariner for the rest of the trip.
after day one, however there was nothing but blue skies and 90 degree weather as we spent countless hours lounging on the beach, soaking in the pool and exploring palm beach, fort lauderdale and miami.
it was heavenly and after ten short days i decided i want to quit my job and retire at this very moment.

the day after we got back we were back to the grind... on top of which, curtis started summer classes a few nights a week....which made life immediately hectic again. a shock to our system that got used to a whole lot of relaxing.
luckily we went back on a tuesday, making it a four day week and then it was my birthday weekend extravaganza, and that it definitly was...curtis took me to dinner at one of my favorite thai restaurants on friday night, then we brought the dog with us to get some late night ice cream. went to bed full and happy...and woke up to curtis staring at me with my birthday card in hand. inside was just what i wanted to go shopping...and to show me just how much he loves me, he ran around all morning to all the shopping stores he hates. it was a tjmaxx, marshalls, payless and target kind of morning. after lunch i hit the streets again, this time with my mom and sister. we ventured over to the west side...crocker park and southpark mall and did some major damage before returning home to get ready for family birthday dinner at our favorite place...lopez. it was a beautiful night so we sat outside on the patio and enjoyed margarhitas, chips+salsa and the random tequila shot before chowing down on the best upscale mexican ever. my sister brought her new boyfriend and it was a good night. i got a summer stash of mac makeup from my sis and even her guy brought me a nordstroms giftcard because, as he said, "i felt bad, i didn't want my showing up to your birthday dinner to steal your birthday thunder!" and he didn't and we all liked him and it was a good time had my all.
sunday we washed our cars in the sunshine, went to the in-laws for an early afternoon cookout, went to church, spent my nordstroms gift card, and spent a leisurely night at home having a little bar-b-que for two and playing with the dog...a nice warm, spring day-of rest...and best of all...we had another day off to celebrate the big 2-6.
today curtis had a study date at our house, so i took the opportunity to spend the rest of my birthday money...sometimes its fun to shop with others, but i must say, there's something so fun and relaxing about shopping alone...needless to say, i spent every dime and have a ton to show for i'm relaxing on the couch before heading to a memorial day cookout at my folks with lots of extended family...and i will come home exhausted and happy...ready to start another fun-filled four day work-week...thus closing my birthday month extravaganza.

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