Tuesday, March 25, 2008

a very happy öster

::like every holiday, we had a very busy easter, full of food and family and commotion.
brunch with the hub's family and dinner with mine - we did have time to squeeze in a nice, not-quite-spring walk with our super-cute, striped sweater-clad pup (who today is one year old! happy birthday mea!)

every holiday, we return home, feeling less than rested and wishing we didn't have to house-hop every year...
but hosting a holiday in our itsy-bitsy house would be less than ideal, so i think we'll stick to small dinner parties and get-togethers for a few more years. i just wish i had more time to put on little parties. i love the planning, the invites, menu planning, setting a mood with little thoughtful touches...but with a full-time job and a busy life, we don't entertain as much as we would like, and when we do, it turns into uber-casual hang-out sessions with friends.
one day i will have the time to make grown-up parties with all my grown-up friends.
until then, we will bake some cookies, order a pizza and call it a day.


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