Saturday, March 1, 2008

small drops in big buckets

sitting in a busy coffee shop, dated music distracts me from my thoughts.
i order an iced decaf-uncharacteristic of my aversion to cold in winter
skips my thoughts ahead to summer.
reading of greece and wishing for palm beach-
we sit, foggy after many hours strung with budgeting, cleaning, wrapping our
heads around our finances. our priorities. our goals.
we have let things slip lately-
sliding through busy days-getting little done.
yet, when confronted with a person of the past, seeing our success, our progress
through their absent eyes,
i am reminded of how far we've come in a few short months.
we have been busy- much change has come about, and we can so easily forget where we've been.
what hurdles we've overcome, how much we've grown in light of how much is left to do-
how much time has been wasted-but,
we have come far, with a way to go still-
we make progress through tiny steps-
drops in big buckets.


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