Tuesday, March 25, 2008

home away from home

i've been meaning to post this for a while...about my workspace at brulant...i spend the majority of my days in this little pod. they don't call them cubes, because that's really not what they are...they're bright and spacious...with absolutely no privacy...but i really love it there.

if you're wondering whose face that is on the divider...i'll tell you, its steve jobs' wife. very inspirational i know!
i write this from home today...where i've worked most of the day after having a migraine. it's hard, but i always try to remind myself that there is a reason for everything, often of which we know nothing of. when i'm sickest, and most depressed, i try to remember that it could be so much worse...that i'm really extremely lucky to work at a company that is understanding, to have a job where i can make up hours in the evening or on the weekends, to have a husband who loves me for exactly who i am, and to have healthy days interspersed with the ones that hurt. some people don't get the blessing of any days where they feel good, and i do, and i thank god for that.
some people don't like getting up for work every day, but i am so lucky to get the chance to work with some of the most intelligent, creative and fun people i have ever met. i've worked in enough bad jobs to know that i am very lucky to work for such an innovative company. as much as i often find myself heavy with self-pity, i have a myriad of reasons to be thankful...one of which is my home away from home.


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