Monday, March 3, 2008

frightful and sweet

tonight i'm home alone.
i must say, i love my husband, but i thoroughly enjoy a night alone in the house.
i get the chance to get stuff done that i usually don't take the time to do,
i find myself savoring the chance to check small tasks off my to-do list.
i'm sure i've mentioned how gratifying that is for me...
well, tonight i found myself busy with random tasks...
too busy to answer the phone when my dad called.
i thought, i'm sure it's nothing, i'll call him back later, and let it ring.
well, the second time he called i though, hmmmm, i wonder if it's something important,
yet, the stubborn task-oriented person that i am, i ignored his call a second time as well.
guiltily i went back to work, anally finishing what i started...when the doorbell rang.
now, i am not a fearful person, but when it's dark and raining and i'm home alone...the idea of someone at my door
really freaks me out. we've had a couple of weirdos knock on our door before...the most memorable was the man that offered to mow our lawn at 10 pm at night without a lawn mower was the creepiest, and i thought of that when the doorbell rang tonight.
so, in my ultra-nervous and paranoid state, i grabbed what i was doing, tried to shush the dog and crept up stairs.
then the phone rang again and my heart started pounding...
it was my dad, with stalker phone call #3.
this time i answered it...he was standing in my driveway, small bag in hand...
he knew i was home, had called curtis first, and had stopped by to bring us some pastries from a local bakery.
he laughed at me for my paranoia and left me with fresh treats and a racing heart.
thanks dad, for turning my quiet night alone into a scene from a thriller.
i did enjoy the cookie though.


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