Saturday, February 9, 2008

when world's collide

it was almost a week ago that my old life collided with my new.
the family that i once lived with in africa has moved back to cleveland after almost ten long years abroad.
we saw them for the first time on tuesday night...and after sharing dinner together and late night tea,
it is apparent that our worlds will be entwined once again.

this was the family that i loved like my own.
i would sit on their bed after the kids would go to bed,
we'd talk of future dreams, we'd share our struggles of living in the african bush, we'd pray together.
they knew everything about me and i them.
but as families often do, we grew apart...
i grew to feel isolated, with noone to talk to but them.
i became exhausted and resentful of the work i had come to do...

by the time i returned to the states seven months later, i was not only ready to move on,
i wanted to move on with my life...a life that they were not a part of...

that was almost five years ago now.
a lot has changed since then.
i am a college graduate, a career woman, a home owner, and a wife.
the bitterness has subsided and the love has returned for the family that i once gave up everything for.

and now they've come into my life again.
their time in uganda has come to a close and they find themselves in cleveland with big dreams.

we talk...catch up with each other from years apart.
they talk of dreams...and out of the stillness of the winter night, we find ourselves
not only nodding along, but sharing the dreams that they speak of.

when we leave, late into the evening, we are tired but excited about what the future will hold.
knowing that they will be a part of our lives for a long time to come.


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