Thursday, February 28, 2008


the snow has again piled in our little white house-
tiny snowflakes stacked, block our front door, reflect light, making walking in heels tricky.
but as beautiful as it was on the way home last night,
i couldn't be more ready for spring.
it's not unusual for me to crave warmer weather,
but this winter, for the first time, i feel a lingering, pent up sensation,
the feeling a butterfly must feel, wrapped in a cacoon, waiting for release.
i must get out, i must get out.
it's not just the weather that makes me feel this restlessness...
i wait in expectation.
i feel big things on the horizon, and excitement mixes with anxiousness which mixes with fear,
i am ready for what spring holds...
what march may bring...
the weight of the cold might press ever so slightly on my insecure future,
but i see the sun peaking out and i am ready to embrace a new season.
"there is a time for everything,
a season for everything under the sun."


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