Friday, February 1, 2008


Since January first, i've slowly been cleaning, sorting, organizing, giving away, and throwing away in an attempt to declutter my life. in my desire to become a minimalist, i have discovered one thing:
:: i am far from a minimalist ::
let me explain.
of late, i am drawn to other people, their houses and their belongings that are very simple, sparce and moddern.
if you've seen my house, my style or my stuff, you can attest that i am far from all of those things.
my interior is earthy with pops of color,
i love natural elements, natural house is full of browns, creams, greens and neutrals.
my style is much the same.
lots of basics with funky accessories thrown in.
i chunky ring here, a bright scarf there.
even my blog was printed a vintage green paisley for a while.
but now i've discovered the world of simplicity.
i'm attempting to both declutter my stuff and my life...
and along with it, comes yet another revamp of my blog.
i might be overthinking this all a bit much, but it somehow eases my mind to see object in their rightful places,
and my blog with clean lines and colors.
my house might never be the picture of minimalism, nor my life, but little steps sometimes make a world of difference


Angela said...

I am trying (note that the operative word is "trying") to be more of a minimalist. I've been working on clearing out clutter and just, in general, being more focused on what's truly important. I've become a basket freak, so I know all about the need to organize (some call it OCD). I'll get there one day!

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