Thursday, February 28, 2008


the snow has again piled in our little white house-
tiny snowflakes stacked, block our front door, reflect light, making walking in heels tricky.
but as beautiful as it was on the way home last night,
i couldn't be more ready for spring.
it's not unusual for me to crave warmer weather,
but this winter, for the first time, i feel a lingering, pent up sensation,
the feeling a butterfly must feel, wrapped in a cacoon, waiting for release.
i must get out, i must get out.
it's not just the weather that makes me feel this restlessness...
i wait in expectation.
i feel big things on the horizon, and excitement mixes with anxiousness which mixes with fear,
i am ready for what spring holds...
what march may bring...
the weight of the cold might press ever so slightly on my insecure future,
but i see the sun peaking out and i am ready to embrace a new season.
"there is a time for everything,
a season for everything under the sun."

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ready for warmer weather

even mea was longing for the snow to melt today...

Monday, February 11, 2008're it

so, today i was tagged by my friend angela to complete this 4x4 meme...and so i comply.
to be honest, i always ignore these posts...
pass-it-on posts, chain letter emails, even the most heartfelt sob stories quickly get deleted by me without a second thought...
i'm the girl that blocked my grandmother's email address because she was piling up my inbox with an obscene amount of forwards.
maybe i'm evolving...growing up.
i guess i have angela to thank.

::4::jobs i've had::

*before starting at brulant i did some freelance writing for american greetings, and although a full-time position did not come of it, i really enjoyed the experience...apart from some web copy writing, i also tried my hand at greeting card copywriting (a bit too cheesy for me)...

*my favorite and most challenging job i've ever had was hands down, being an au pair in uganda, east africa. long story (see part below) but i met an american missionary family living in cleveland on furlough and eventually was asked to come live with them and help with childcare. well, childcare also quickly became cooking, cleaning, helping was an exhausting, thrilling experience...i saw the source of the nile, the equator, went on safari, and made some lifelong ugandan friends...i wouldn't have changed it for the world

*all throughout college i worked as a sales girl at Anthropologie. i met some of the most creatively genius people while working there, that is where i got any sense of fashion i might now have, and made some of my very dearest friends.

*one summer in college i was a camp counselor at the JCC (jewish community center)...i was put in charge of 15 first and second graders for 3 months, 8 hours a day. let's just say, i'm not a big fan of cleaning poop out of a community pool on a daily basis!

::4:: shows i tivo::

* first off, i don't own any tivo'ing device...we have almost 100 channels for only $8 a month, and we don't want to give that up, so what's on is what we favorite show is project runway...however i must say...this season is a letdown.

*yes, i'm a nerd, my second fav. is "john & kate + 8" on the learning channel. i guess i just think its fascinating to watch a family with one set of twins and sextuplets function. it's like a science husband thinks i'm crazy because i dont really want kids right now, but i like watching a family of 10 on tv...i say, it's good birth control!

*anything on the food network...and i must say, i'm a better cook because of it. curtis complains that i can watch it for hours, but he can't complain...he gets to enjoy the fruits of my inspiration.

*i'm not really hooked on anything else...but i do like e news. another that the hub hates...i think all the anna nicole talk when she dies really put him over the edge.

::4::place i've been::

*harpended, england:: after highschool, i didnt want to go right to college so i traveled to england (near london) to be a part of a group called Youth With a Mission (YWAM)'s a christian organization that is based around the world with the idea that true christianity does that practical. in england i lived with a group of about 20 from around the world...and after three months half of us went to brazil, and the other half went to ...

*tanzania, east africa:: we went for just over three months, working with locals, teaching female sanitation, clean water programs and teaching english. we got to work with the Massai tribe in the bush and there was really no experience that could have been better. i had the time of my life as an 18 year old, and made lifelong friends that live around the globe.

*bombo, uganda:: like i've already mentioned, i lived for 7 months in a little village called bombo in uganda. while there i ate delicious food...beans and rice anyone??? peed in an outhouse, drew water from a well, took "showers" with a bucket of water and a cup, and read over 100 books, most which were sent to me from my dear friend was the most beautiful place i have ever been.

*i've been other places, but one of my favorites will always be palm beach, "nana" owns a condo there and we've been going there since we were little. this year is the first year curtis and i are going to go down alone...may 10 to be exact...but who's counting...

::4::foods i love::

* pad favorite spicy thai noodle dish. so good.

*anything mexican. curtis is from california, so he brought a love of all things mexican along with him.
i make a mean homemade salsa... we love finding new cheap mexican restaurants, but if we're in the mood for some trendy-mex, we choose lopez in cleveland hts. the white peach margharita is to die for.

*iced chai...does that count as a food?

*and finally, right now my favorite food are clementines...i'm on my second box...for a while i was eating like 4-6 per myself a sore tongue from all the acidity...but it was so worth it, definitly the best part of winter for me!

::so now i guess i'm supposed to tag a few people, and i only want to tag people that i know will do it...
not sure about this, but we'll give it a shot...
kate:: my bestest best
curtis:: the hub (a good excuse to start blogging again, right hun?)
rachel::my super-chic rocker friend're it...pass it on::

Saturday, February 9, 2008

when world's collide

it was almost a week ago that my old life collided with my new.
the family that i once lived with in africa has moved back to cleveland after almost ten long years abroad.
we saw them for the first time on tuesday night...and after sharing dinner together and late night tea,
it is apparent that our worlds will be entwined once again.

this was the family that i loved like my own.
i would sit on their bed after the kids would go to bed,
we'd talk of future dreams, we'd share our struggles of living in the african bush, we'd pray together.
they knew everything about me and i them.
but as families often do, we grew apart...
i grew to feel isolated, with noone to talk to but them.
i became exhausted and resentful of the work i had come to do...

by the time i returned to the states seven months later, i was not only ready to move on,
i wanted to move on with my life...a life that they were not a part of...

that was almost five years ago now.
a lot has changed since then.
i am a college graduate, a career woman, a home owner, and a wife.
the bitterness has subsided and the love has returned for the family that i once gave up everything for.

and now they've come into my life again.
their time in uganda has come to a close and they find themselves in cleveland with big dreams.

we talk...catch up with each other from years apart.
they talk of dreams...and out of the stillness of the winter night, we find ourselves
not only nodding along, but sharing the dreams that they speak of.

when we leave, late into the evening, we are tired but excited about what the future will hold.
knowing that they will be a part of our lives for a long time to come.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Since January first, i've slowly been cleaning, sorting, organizing, giving away, and throwing away in an attempt to declutter my life. in my desire to become a minimalist, i have discovered one thing:
:: i am far from a minimalist ::
let me explain.
of late, i am drawn to other people, their houses and their belongings that are very simple, sparce and moddern.
if you've seen my house, my style or my stuff, you can attest that i am far from all of those things.
my interior is earthy with pops of color,
i love natural elements, natural house is full of browns, creams, greens and neutrals.
my style is much the same.
lots of basics with funky accessories thrown in.
i chunky ring here, a bright scarf there.
even my blog was printed a vintage green paisley for a while.
but now i've discovered the world of simplicity.
i'm attempting to both declutter my stuff and my life...
and along with it, comes yet another revamp of my blog.
i might be overthinking this all a bit much, but it somehow eases my mind to see object in their rightful places,
and my blog with clean lines and colors.
my house might never be the picture of minimalism, nor my life, but little steps sometimes make a world of difference

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