Monday, January 21, 2008

what i'm reading

i thought i'd do a post about what's on my night stand...

my new bible that i got for christmas tops the pile, along with my journal that i've been writing in for over a year...
it's thick one made from small squared graph paper,
i don't write in it like i used to.
i really miss the nights i used to curl up at night and reflect on my day...
"A Year In the World" by Frances Mayes has been really fascinating so far,
she's the author that wrote "Under the Tuscan Sun"
her books are just so soothing and beautiful...
she makes my want to travel and be a travel writer.
"Making a Literary Life" is interesting...
i'm reading it partially because i'm writing for a living now, but partly
because it encourages me to continue to write outside of work as well.
at the bottom of the pile are some random pages ripped out of an old journal
and some poetry books...
i thought i was a well-rounded reader, but i see that i'm missing a spiritual book and a work of fiction.
this might be the first time in years that i'm not in the middle of reading a novel.
i have two philippe gregory books waiting to be read, but no spiritual books.
any suggestions would be highly recommended.
i love books. they make me happy.


Justin said...

J.M. Coetzee's "Diary of a Bad Year" (his latest), which should count as both spirtual and fiction reading.


Jessica said...

J- do you own this book?
It sounds intriguing.

Justin said...

D'Oh. I don't own any of his books, but I've read them all. But if I start buying them I'll drop this one off.

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