Saturday, January 19, 2008

sewing project #1

i've been waiting for this day since may.
this morning i woke up and with no plans made,
i decided to undergo my first sewing project.
my expectations were low, but i'm pleased to announce,
the results surprised even me.

i've been wanting to make a tote bag since i got my singer on my
birthday last may.
the striped fabric is from a vintage "ticking" tablecloth i bought from a vintage store,
and the navy floral is from an urban outfitters bed sheet i got on sale, with the
purpose of using as fabric.
i am not only proud of my first project, but fulfilled by the fact that it has been made with my own two hands.
i definitely have been bitten by the bug!


kathleen said...

Nice work, Jess! It's very cute. You did a great job! And I like your new layout, too!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it.
How can I order one?
Mary NYC

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