Thursday, January 24, 2008

seven things

here are seven random things that you might, or might now know about me:

1. I have quite an obsession with stationery, paper, journals and the like...i used to write a lot of letters, especially when i lived overseas, but i've gotten somewhat lax lately. Every time i look at my stash, i have a sudden urge to sit down and write everyone i know a letter.

2. I don't really want to have a baby...yet...but i really would love to be pregnant. Everytime i see a cute pregnant lady, i'm jealous.

3. I love the feeling of being squeaky clean, but i hate to take showers...the drying off, putting on lotion, blowdrying the hair is all so time consuming and repetitive.

4. I love to find new blogs and websites to read and follow, but have yet to leave a comment on any one that i really like.

5. Lately my mind has not been at work...i keep thinking i might be happier doing something else. If i didn't have to think about money, i think i'd want to start a small business doing something creative out of my house.

6. I would really like to learn how to letterpress, as my next creative project.

7. Everytime i knit, sew, write, ect...i always think about ways i could make a living do these things...maybe one day?...


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