Wednesday, January 16, 2008

making a list, and checking it twice

can i tell you how satisfying it is to make a to do list full of
small annoying tasks that have been put off for days, even weeks...
and to finally have the motivation to check them off one-by-one.
tonight was that night...
all during the day today, i was adding one task after another from work,
dreading having to do all of them,
but sometimes it's like ripping off a band-aid and
getting them all done at once is less painful...
i got home from work early, to get some overlap time
with curtis before he had to leave for class...
the minute he left i was a tornado,
a second wind of energy,
and since i decided not to cook for just myself, i had that much more
time and energy to complete my to do list...
after all were crossed of, to my extreme pleasure, and i
hopped in the shower, i got a call from curtis
saying that his class had ended early on the first night...
so we get to have a night together after all.
so, now, it's only eight o'clock and i'm ready to wind down,
guiltfree and relax.


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