Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

every year autumn seems to come and go so fast. Just when i'm enjoying throwing on a scarf asnd sweater to keep me warm...the weather changes, the leaves all fall and it's winter coat time.

i'm stubborn though, and i continue to wear peeptoe shoes with bare feet and only a scarf looped around my neck for warmth. i dont like to admit to myself that my favorite time of year has come and gone so quickly.
but then the day comes, the saturday after thanksgiving, when we bundle up and drive an hour away to cut down our christmas tree. it's become a yearly tradition, since curtis and i began dating...and long before as well.

my family has always hauled the tree out of the basement and pieced it together year after year, bent the branches to just the right shape.
but not his family. it wasn't christmas without a live tree...and so, i adopted the tradition, at first half heartedly...but now i think of it as just as much our tradition as i was his family's growing up.

This year we were set on finding a tree from the $20 area...
those are the trees they're trying to clear out to plant new ones.
needless to say, i'm not the only one that's stubborn, so we walked for miles and miles, two hours worth of nitpicking and bickering about which tree was dead, dying, too thin, to tall...until we found the tree.
but it didn't have the blue ribbon on it, it had a polka dotted one that we soon learned meant it cost a whopping $49.95.
i felt like it was worth it, the perfect shape, perfect height, the perfect tree for our first christmas in our new house...
well, i was the only one that felt this way...
he won and we found a lovely, but i dare say, not by any means perfect, $20 discount tree.

so now it's christmas in our house,and we are attempting to keep the holiday sacred despite the greed, selfishness and business. we are having to remind ourselves time and again that it's not about us, but Him. he was born, he died and he rose.
for us, but it's all about him.


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