Monday, November 5, 2007


lately i've been enjoying the wonderful world of style blogs...
maybe because i've had no time to be creative myself...
these blogs connect me to the greater style community.

my three favorites right now are...

kirin notebook

i must say however, that i got home from work inspired to finally bust out the sewing machine i got for my birthday ... in may.
i took it out of the box, out of the styrofome, set it up, plugged in the foot pedal and then realized i have no string...
so now it sits next to me at the dining room table, shiny and new
waiting for me to make a trip to joann to buy string.or bobbins. or whatever they're called.

i guess for now i'll just have to browse my new favorite blogs, and wish i had more time to create...


Cale and Kate said...

well, first of all its called thread, not string. it sounds to me like you need to review some basics before you plug that machine in!!

love ya! happy sewing!

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