Sunday, November 4, 2007

autumn sunday

today was the most beautiful autumn sunday...
i woke up at nine fifteen to curtis reminding me that it was really eight fifteen...thanks to "fall back"
-so nice to wake up rested, not feeling like i was running late.
we ended up making it to the early service at church...
it was nice getting out of church at 11, feeling like we had the whole day ahead of us. why don't we do that every sunday?
from church we drove to miles market which is just what it sounds like... a fresh produce market, where i bought
tart apples, an eggplant, and fixings for homemade chicken lettuce wraps, and twenty five dollars more worth of fresh
fruits and veggies.
i've been on a cooking/baking frenzy this weekend.
we didnt have much planned for the weekend, so i woke up saturday morning and decided to make an apple crisp with homemade oatmeal/granola topping and two loaves of pumpkin bread.
tonight we decided to forgoe dinner out and i made chicken enchiladas, dirty rice and sauteed corn with sweet red onions.
our impromptu mexican fiesta was just what we needed after an afternoon of "gardening" - back to earlier this afternoon...
so after miles market we came home and decided to take out the dead bushes, shrubs and small white stones that pepper our front garden...
it took four hours, five people and a borrowed roto-tiller to make the ground ripe for planting grass.
right now it's just a large dirt area, but i see the potential, and the dirt ground excites me.
it was nice to get dirty, feel the earth between my fingers, albeit, my gloved fingers, but nice nonetheless.
then we had a little puppy drama, she must've eaten something outside while we were working, because we look over and she's throwing up and having diahrea on the front grass...
so i then lovingly gave one nasty bath to a very stinky dog...and then blowdryed the little shivering ball of dripping pooch...
and then that brings me to dinner.
and now i'm sitting, watching the struggling browns with my amazing sweats-clad husband and my lathargic mea, waiting for my inlaws to come over and share the apple crisp and vanilla ice cream with us.
it's been a good weekend. good weather, good food and good company...what more could a girl ask for?


Rachel said...

You're back. I enjoyed reading today's entry. Sounds like a perfectly beautiful time.

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