Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a simpler time

As we're finally getting settled and unpacked
and life seems to be settling down a bit
i am so thankful that we no longer have a mad rush to get things done around here.
We keep having to remind ourselves that nothing left to do has to be an issue of life or death...
every little (or big) project we have to do now, we do not have to kill ourselves to get done...
we can make time to relax without feeling guilty,
to spend time together without having things hanging over our heads...
it just feels good to finally be home.

And as things start to settle down into a routine of sorts,
i think back to a simpler life i once had...
a life with no electricity, no running water, a quiet that hovers over you like a thick fog
with hours to read at night because there was no television, no phone.
there were long nights of letter writing and journal writing,
intimate prayers, and simple food.
It was a lonely way to live at times,
but at no other time in my life did i feel so conected to the earth, so thoroughly dependant on the Lord and
so utterly weak yet content.
Africa was a deep, growing time in my life, and i was reminded today by a close friend who also spent some months in Africa
how trying and faithbuilding, amazing and life changing our times were there.
Yet although I appreciated my time in Africa so much, i am so content and happy with my life right now.
I just wish we could learn to slow down a little bit more.


kathleen said...

I know what you mean. I love my life right now, but I do long for the days of simplicity. And of being completely dependent on the Lord. More that than anything else. I get tired of believing I can do it on my own.

Rachel said...

Oh, I concur! Although I've never been to Africa, I long for the luxury of sitting down with a good book. Let's get these houses finished. So we can start living again.

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