Friday, July 13, 2007

sleep easy

for the last month or so we've been working tirelessly on our house,
getting it ready to at the very least be liveable by the time we move in
at the end of July...
needless to say, initially we bit off more than we could chew and now
we are facing the facts that we will not have a kitchen when we move in, nor a new roof, furnace or water heater...
but that's okay and i'm not really worried because i'm learning that God has got everything
in his great big hands.
like the little kid song that we learned when we're in sunday school and promptly forgot
when we got older,
he really does hold the whole world in his hands...
ok, maybe not literally, but figuratively for sure.
I was reminded this yesterday when i was offered the job where i have been interning at since June.
I was just a huge weight off of my shoulders to know i don't have to go out searching and interviewing
again for another job...
and that the Lord cares enough about me to place me in a company with a group of people that i get along with
and click with so well already and its only been six weeks or so.
i am so blessed i can't really believe how tired and stressed and overwhelmed and busy and happy i am right now.


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