Tuesday, June 19, 2007

full to the brim

sunday was the anniversary of our first year of marriage.
in the past year the lord has shown me so much about myself.
about change.
so much has changed this past year.
two new jobs.
a new puppy.
a new house
(we are finally closing on it and getting the keys tomorrow)
a new church.
a new life together.
and it hasn't all been easy.
too many nights we've been stubborn and selfish and
went to bed angry,
but overall, this past year wasn't a year of paper...
disposable, like one friend told us.
toss it aside and move forward, he said.
it was a year to cherish in our hearts and ponder for years to come.
a year of daily trails and also daily triumphs of love and affection.
pain and sacrafice. and also forgiveness and peaceful contentment.
it was the best year of my life so far.
i couldn't have asked for more.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

consulting 101

yesterday was my first day as an intern.
and so far i'm loving it.
i've gotten past the fact that i'm the oldest summer intern,
the only one that's out of college, that's married, that doesn't live with my parents...
the truth of the matter is, i'm in this for a job at the end of the summer and i'm going to
work my butt off to that end.
and when all the other interns just want their three credit hours, the stakes are so much higher for me

despite the fact that it is an internship, i'm feeling rather grown up today.
walking around with my laptop in it's brulant bag...
my outlook email calendar already filling up with meetings and appointments and
connections i'm already making in hopes for assistance when the end of the summer roles around.

the future seems bright for the summer and (hopefully) beyond.

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