Tuesday, May 22, 2007

another big change

lately i've been feeling so extremely blessed...
i've got a wonderful husband who loves me and provides for the majority of our family's needs (my job chips in a smidge)
we've come across a great house that we are on the path to buying.
we've just added a new member to our tiny family...a puppy named mea whom we both love!
and i've even come to be greatful for my not so wonderful job.

God has given us so much that we are so completly unworthy of and tonight
i am reminded of it once again.
I was offered an internship at a consulting firm that i interviewed with a few months ago,
doing what i want to do, writing and editing. can it get any better than that?!

so this is it, my prayers leaving anthropologie look like they are finally being answered.
and it's really funny, or not really funny, but so...God. just when i finally make peace with the fact
that the Lord has placed me in an aweful job with aweful management for a reason, that is when i am
allowed to leave.
i love that. that is so god's way with things.
and it is a lesson well learned, but for my sake, i just wish i would have learned it sooner.

but for now, i'm just so thankful that this chapter in my life is finally coming to a poetic close,
and i finally get to use my college education, and my brain for that matter.


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