Thursday, May 24, 2007

25 and on her way...

i feel like i am starting my twenty fifth year of my life just where i want to be.
yesterday was the day i have been long awaiting for months.
i put my notice in at work.
i was so excited the night before that i had to take a sleeping pill to go to sleep.

it actually turned out much better than i had anticipated.
most people i work with knew that my leaving was in the works.
i've been interviewing and talking about wanting to get out of there for months now.
however, my store manager had no clue.
(for some reason she doesn't like me and therefore makes it a point to avoid all communication with me)...
so the not knowing i was preparing to quit as soon as the right offer came along was her own fault.
it caught her off guard, but yesterday she at least pretended to be happy for me and my new career move.

It was just such a good feeling to leave that store yesterday knowing that that isn't going to be my life.
i was getting nervous for a while, wondering if i would ever leave. looking at some of the life long retail women that i
work with, praying that wouldn't be me.
and now i know it won' least not for the summer.

this is going to be a good year. i can just feel it.
whether we get the house or not. i've got a husband who thinks the world of me.
a puppy who i just can't get enough of, a new job i can't wait to start and a saviour who takes away
my daily sins (which are many)!
i am so extremely blessed today.


kathleen said...

happy day, jess! i'm so excited for you and your new job and praise God that He worked it all out in exactly the right time!

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