Tuesday, April 17, 2007

top 5

things i am thankful for tonight:

1. health insurance. (i had to pay full price for an rx today, as we are were between insurance plans last week and we don't have our new id cards yet. i'm shocked at how expensive medicine is and at how many people don't have health care. we are so blessed, especially because i am such a sickey!)

2. for my job. yes my job! i know i know, i do hate my job and my boss most days, but it is a job, and i do get to come home at 4:00 pm almost every afternoon and cook my husband dinner and relax at night. Plus weekends off together, can't beat that, we didn't have that for the first three years. i've found the silver lining of the storm cloud.

3. parents. sounds kind of ridiculous but at this point in my life, apart from husband, my parents are my best friends. We have discussed this fact between the two of us because we aren't sure if this is healthy, but we both love to just chill with them, go out with them, talk with them, whatever, just be with them, they are great people, and i'm over the fact that people might think it's weird to like to party with your parents.

4. NPR. i'm getting kind of addicted. i confess, sometimes on my lunch break, i'll take my lunch out to my car just so i can listen to npr while i eat. i'll be the first to admit: curtis is turning me into a nerd.

5: my husband. can't leave him out of this. he is better to me than i am to him. by far. last week he was sick in the middle of the night with a stomach bug, he was moaning, i said, horribly, "can you please stop, i need to sleep." Fast forward to last night. I got some sort of stomach flu, i was whimpering and moaning, he didn't say shut up, he didn't slap me. he rubbed my back, although he did laugh at me as i was running to the bathroom every 10 minutes, which is what made me cry, but he is so much more patient with me than i am with him. i'm sorry for keeping you up until 4 am. baby! (but i did still make it to work at 7!)


Curtis said...

you are my hero :-)

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