Thursday, March 22, 2007

breathe. repeat.

on our walk home from dinner tonight,
from a local sandwich shop down the street,
my husband and i were talking about the way i deal with stress
and i said something to the effect of,
"now that these interview are finally over, i can finally relax,"
(granted i get one of the jobs so i don't have to keep enduring this gruling process.
please god, please god.)
then it hit me. this is just one thing.
there will always be some thing to keep me up at night, to stress me out,
to tire me out and test my faith.
and that's when i realized i'm the one who must change.
the aweful way i deal with life and others when i'm exhausted and
overwhelmed needs a readjustment.
the lord spoke to me through my husband's quiet, simple support, yet again,
and through his word when i remembered a verse that he used with me a few years ago
when my life needed other reajustments:
"his kindness leads us to repentance"
it doesn't say his heavy hand or his disappointment leads us to repentance.
for that i am so thankful.


Curtis said...

I love you boo boo!

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