Wednesday, March 7, 2007

the beginning of the end...

i've been inspired to write this in a public way...
public in the sense that this is free to read,
free to respond to and that puts me in a very vulnerable position.
i have always been a writer,
those words . i. am. a. writer. get stuck in my throat like a dry pill.
until college i was a closet writer.
then, i was forced to read aloud, critique, analyze.
i began to enjoy the
sweat, the pressure, the dialogue.
i guess that is what i want from this.
a dialogue. with other writers.
open writers. closet writers.
a dialogue with myself.
to force myself to write. despite.
despite laundry. bills. dishes. television. husband.
despite myself.

(thanks kathleen)


kathleen said...

that was some quick thinking! i am glad you are joining me. so can i put a link to you on my page or are you not ready for that yet? let me know!

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